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Let's do the local market first, because today’s generation, customer focus on the local searches of search engine and their reviews than any other campaign and local directory or just a business listing.

  • Keyword Analysis & Strategy
  • Website Architecture Optimization
  • Code Optimization
  • Content Strategy & Optimization
  • Infographic Creation

how we do it

Analysis - In this we analysis the website to check the present positions of a website and their presence in search engines.

Design – Design is the most important part of any website, it gains the traffic and center part of any business. Always hire the best design for your website.

Development – Development is the process, in which we deploy the best technique to improve your coding part of the website. This is the most important part. Always check it before making your website live.

Competitor Analysis – We identify your major competitors and come up with a strategy to beat the competition. We use some of the most expensive and industry leading softwares to perform this analysis. Doing this analysis helps us to understand where you stand against your competitors and come up with a better SEO strategy.

On-Page Optimization – There are about 50 on-page optimization techniques and some of infiniX’s in-house SEO secrets that we use to optimize your website.
Few of the on-page optimization techniques include XML Sitemap creation, Robots.txt, Page title, Meta description, URL rewrite.

Content Development –You might have heard people in SEO industry saying “Content is King”. At infiniX, we measure the quality of your content in terms of uniqueness, relevancy and various other factors and write/rewrite your content to be more interesting and to align with Google’s guidelines

Search Engine Submission –We submit your website to leading search engines for better visibilty

Tracking Tools – We implement some of the tracking tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmasters to track the progress of SEO

Why Choose Us

Our team believes that the system should speak the language of the user. Keeping this in mind, we use familiar concepts rather than system oriented technical terms.

  • Expert UI/UX Designers

  • Unparallel Look and Feel

  • Latest Design Trends

  • Quality Assurance

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